Nothing’s better than looking forward to a ski or snowboard trip. Here’s a great checklist to
make sure you’ve covered all the bases.

Your Gear
You’ll definitely need to pack this in a ski/snowboard bag. Many of them are sized to fit your entire setup, outerwear, goggles and even your under (base) layers, gloves and socks. If you’re traveling via air, we recommend getting a case recommended for air travel – it’ll be more reinforced, and have wheels. Lugging your gear with no wheels through the airport is never fun!

You might be surprised to know while most airlines consider your gear a “special item” – you might have to drop it at a special place at the airport and pick it up at a different baggage area – it will not cost more than a standard piece of luggage. Depending on your flyer status and how much other luggage you have, this could cost from $0 to $150! A great option to avoid bringing it with you altogether is our Ship Your Gear program. FedEx offers a 16% discount for snow sports travelers. Read all about it here. 

This is almost as important as your gear. Depending on the length of your trip and the varying weather, you might have two to three pairs of pants or even a jacket.

Layer It Up!
You need to stay dry so you don’t get chilled on the lift or on the hill. Many manufacturers offer “Base Layers” – made of polypropylene or other synthetic fibers – that wick away perspiration. Don’t wear cotton next to your skin. When it absorbs perspiration, it stays wet.   We live by the motto “cotton is rotten”

After your base layer, don’t bulk up. The temperature and your activity can change as the day goes on, and wearing layers not only keep your insulation level flexible, they keep you comfortable. Here’s a guide to layering:

  • Base Layer
  • First Layer – A light shirt or first layer to wear over the base layer (you can skip this layer)
  • Mid Layer – Turtleneck, thin sweater or wool shirt
  • Fleece/Soft-Shell Layer – In spring months you can even end the layering here!
  • Outer Layer – Jacket and pants. The outer layer comes with breathability, waterproof and windproof layers of different levels. Choose what will best protect you from weather and temps where you are headed.

No one wants to have to shell out the cash for a second pair of something they left behind. Check to make sure you have your helmet, goggles, helmet, gloves or mittens, heat packs if you’d like, beanies, neck warmer, face mask – also called a “balaclava.” Make sure to bring a pair of sunglasses. Light reflecting off the snow all over town makes for squinty eyes when they’re out of goggles and unprotected.

We recommend investing in a couple pairs of ski/snowboard socks, who wants to ski in dirty wet socks.  We recommend wool. These socks are engineered not only to keep your feet dry, but to maintain proper circulation, keep your feet and ankles comfortable in your boots and keep your feet warm!

In addition to your regular stuff, make sure to bring that high SPF sunblock, protective lip balm and body lotion. Your face is apt to get chapped in the wind and sun, and the air will dry your skin.

Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to pack.  Being rushed is a sure fire way to forget something.   HAVE FUN!